Commercial Real Estate Services.

Our company provides clients with a full selection of commercial real estate services. Our team of tenant representatives will work to identify properties and negotiate on your behalf, free of charge. The difference between our firm and going directly to a landlord or listing broker is that we have access to the entire market inventory (1100+ properties) and know the common pitfalls to avoid when signing a commercial lease.

Our Services During the Leasing Process:

  1. Scour the market to find prospective locations that meet your business needs
  2. Schedule tours and help identify the best possible space
  3. Advocate client interests during negotiating process
  4. Assist with re-negotiating an existing lease to take advantage of market changes

Finding the Right Space

We have access to a large property database and can perform micro-targeted searches based on very specific requirements including:

  • Size of space required
  • Price range
  • Location (City, street, neighborhood, business park)
  • Class of space
  • # of private offices
  • Conference, kitchen and reception requirements

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